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FCA Board

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Southwest Florida FCA Board of Directors

Chairman - Neil Dorrill


  • David Browne
  • Bob Caudill
  • Joe Cleveland
  • Gary Cuozzo
  • Adam Davis
  • Dulce Dudley
  • Mel Gonzalez
  • John Gordon
  • Walt Harber
  • Brandon Kornblue
  • Nick Maragos
  • Marcus Moody
  • Kheri Schaar
  • Jason Schroeder
  • John Sekely
  • Todd Speas
  • Jonas Weatherbie
  • Heather Wightman
  • Steve Zahorian

If you are interested in participating on the Southwest Florida FCA Board or on one of the Ministry Teams, please contact Charlie Weatherbie.

2018-2019 Church Partnerships

First Baptist Church Naples, McGregor Baptist Church Ft. Myers, First Presbyterian Church Bonita Springs, New Life Assembly of God, Destiny Church Naples, Covenant Church of Naples, Summit Church Estero

We want to thank the board members and other members of the community who volunteer on these ministry teams:


Prayer Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the Prayer Team is to organize and sustain a ministry of prayer that provides a “spiritual covering” over FCA work in the area.

Tasks:  Organize prayer teams that pray weekly. Organize and have people sign up for a daily prayer time. Have special prayer times before, during and after major events. Organize website prayer system. Help school Huddles to develop a prayer ministry.


Finance Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the Finance Team is to oversee the funds. This includes the budgeting process, fiscal reporting and financial projecting.

Tasks:  Oversee financial reports on a monthly basis Help project future financial needs. Work with area staff to develop the annual budget.


Stewardship Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the Stewardship Team is to provide leadership in raising funds. The Stewardship Team may be broken down into subteams as the tasks expand and the size of the Board grows to provide more volunteer leaders.

Tasks and Possible Subteams:

Major Donors – help to identify, build relationships with and solicit the involvement of people who can give $1,000 or more annually to the FCA area ministry. Foundations – establish relationships with local foundations and help develop and present proposals for funding. Endowment – this is a long-term funding strategy through planned and estate giving. Home Team – help to identify, build relationships with and solicit the involvement of people to join the Home Team of the FCA area. Golf Tournament – organize, promote and conduct golf events. Annual Banquet – organize, promote and conduct the annual fund-raising banquet. Friendraisers – organize, promote and conduct fundraising events

Ministry Program Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the Ministry Program Team is to promote the development, quality and expansion of FCA ministry programs in the area such as student Huddles, Adult Huddles, Booster Clubs, Camps and Urban Ministry.

Tasks:  Work closely with the director and staff to support the carrying out of the ministry programs Help open doors with administrators and possible Huddle coaches at schools Help recruit people to start a Booster Club to support each Huddle ie: church groups, parents, etc. Provide volunteer help at Camps, FCA Day activities or other events ie:  Huddles, Adult Huddles, Booster Club, Weekend of Champions, Special events - weekend retreats, concerts, tournament breakfasts, One Way 2 Play


Public Awareness Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the Public Awareness Team is to help create awareness of FCA area ministry in the general public, among churches and schools.

Tasks:  Produce and distribute news releases about FCA events. Develop a speakers’ bureau. Look for special human interest stories that could be reported by local media. Help produce a periodic newsletter, video or Web site about the FCA activities in the area.